About Us

The North Vancouver Island Horse Association was formed in 1965 to help bring to the attention of the public the values of horsemanship and to further the knowledge of horsemanship and to organize, promote and manage horse shows, trail rides, lectures, and demonstrations.

The Hunter Jumper division of NVIHA started their first circuit in 1983 with the help of Ann & Ray Green, Catherine Preece and Lori Yarrow. This series has been well loved and attended over the years, having as many as 170 participants.

The North Vancouver Island Horse Association continues to strive to present quality shows, affordable to local riders, while also providing a showcase of high-level competition.

We wouldn’t be here without the support of our local riders and sponsors. Thank you!

There are many benefits to being an NVIHA Club Member. You will receive a $10 discount per horse show, and be eligible for year end prizes! With the discount, it works out to only costing $5 for the season if you come to all three horse shows. 

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